We would like to invite you to participate in our free-of-charge workshops under the project "Ecological education in the scope of protecting biodiversity in the face of climate change, performed in line with the mission of the Wrocław ZOO" organised at the Wrocław ZOO. There are no age limits - we will give classes both to kindergarten pupils and to adults. We will receive organised groups of at least 10 and maximum 25 people.


After the workshops, we encourage our visitors to summarise and discuss them at the kindergarten, school or at home. For this aim, you will need the work sheets. They are given away in each class and also available in PDF files to be downloaded under each subject.


Each educational class lasts approximately one hour. However, the length of class may vary depending on the engagement on the part of the group or upon request of teacher/group coordinator.


The ZOO employees are responsible only for giving classes, whereas it is the teacher who is responsible for the group; therefore, the presence of a teacher or caretaker is necessary due to care reasons.


Please be informed that the employees of the ZOO do not provide guided tours around the site.


Please see the tab TOPICS.


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