On the 18th December 2015, the Wrocław ZOO opened a new, educational multi-media pavilion "CLIMATE, ANIMALS, HUMANS". It is the first pavilion without animals, but packed with multi-media: from presentations to interactive games for visitors of different ages. The Pavilion is open from 10 am to 4 pm.


The Wrocław ZOO has one of the largest and diverse collections of animals in the world, so a plan to build a site that would lack them aroused surprise in the zoological society. The position of the President of the Wrocław ZOO was clear from start: 'Such a form of education is a necessity nowadays, for when if not know and who else than us will care for the condition of our planet.'


'People are short-sighted and they do not care for what will happen in a few dozen years. For them, what counts is here and now. However, the fact that we use renewable sources of energy does not mean they are indefinite, the more so under the current pace of their exploitation. We have to immediately change our mindset - and it is easiest to do starting with the youngest of us; therefore, the new pavilion is mostly dedicated to them,' says Marta Zając-Ossowska, head of Marketing and Education and the expert coordinator for the project.


Through interactive play, children and youth will learn how to change their everyday habits towards becoming more eco-friendly. With the help of a special phone booth, they can connect with, among others, the people of Kiribati or Niger, and learn about the problems they have to face everyday. They will also take part in a quiz on waste sorting; they will see how the polar ice cap has changed over the last 6 decades.


In a playful and enjoyable atmosphere, the Pavilion will complete and strengthen the knowledge obtained in the free-of-charge workshop in the same theme, run by our zoo educators. In winter, the site will be open from 10 am to 4 pm. In this time, visitors will be able to seek assistance of our animator, who will readily guide them on how to use the equipment and will answer any polar-related questions.


The idea for the pavilion was conceived by the staff of Marketing and Education at the Wrocław ZOO, out of care for the disappearing species.

'The climate changes directly affect the lives of all species of plants and animals on Earth. These changes are most visible in the polar climate, and that is why we have focused on its example,' adds Ms Zając-Ossowska.


The completion of the pavilion was made possible thanks to the funds from EEA resources from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the project entitled "Ecological education in the scope of protecting biodiversity in the face of climate change, performed in line with the mission of the Wrocław ZOO."


Pavilion in numbers (in short):

  • Value of the project: ca. PLN 3,000,000.00 net
  • Share of funds: 85%
  • Cost of the pavilion: ca. PLN 2,500,000.00 net
  • Surface area of the pavilion: 300 m2
  • Flow capacity: 60 people
  • Estimated time of a visit: 30 minutes
  • Construction period: September 2015 to December 2015


The educational and factual content has been prepared by the employees of Marketing and Education of the Wrocław ZOO.

The development of the multi-faceted concept in terms of programme and space as well as documentation necessary to carry out the task entitled "The construction of an interactive pavilion: Climate, Animals, Humans" was entrusted to Customs Factory, Wrocław. The equipment of the pavilion was handled by the consortium:  SLX Sp. Z o.o. and SGK Projekt Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.; whereas a team of graphic designers from Audiovisual Technology Center in Wrocław prepared video-projections and animations with the use of innovative technologies in order to adjust the message to various groups of visitors.


The project team:

  • Project leader – Katarzyna Hetmaniuk
  • Project coordinator – Marta Zając-Ossowska
  • Expert consultants:
  • Anna Mielnikiewicz
  • Katarzyna Mielecka
  • Joanna Kij
  • Monika Kownacka




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